If we polled a room full of proactive digital communications executives to draw up a list of the top five European clubs and professionals, specifically those crushing it across multiple social and digital channels, it’s a safe bet that AS ROMA and Paul Rogers would feature heavily.

Again, this summer, and having pretty much already revolutionised player reveal videos to the wake of multiple copycats of varying success levels, AS Roma have bossed the 2017 transfer window communications race, doing so by unstuffing their shirts and taking an informal, humour driven approach. Be warned, goats are involved, though none were harmed.

Paul summed up the club’s disruptive intentions perfectly in an interview carried by The Drum, saying, “It just seemed all clubs were going out of their way to find different ways to pan up and reveal the player.

“I remember we were sitting round and saying, this has just got ridiculous, it’s pretentious, we need to mess this up. And then we just thought OK, let’s take it to extremes. Let’s do stuff that a football club wouldn’t be expected to do. Let’s mock the whole thing and go weirder and weirder and weirder.”

That they did… and as disruptors ourselves, we love the results, in particular the unapologetic hijacked version of the excellent Southampton video, which in itself already mocked over-elaborate signing videos.

You can check out AS Roma’s brilliant footage across Twitter, YouTube and more yourself, which can be well represented by another favourite, here announcing Aleksandar Kolarov. It’s priceless!


There’s more to AS Roma’s approach to digital and social media than goat clips and ripping up the rule book however. Another great example of simplicity and humility came from the Italian giants recently, and couldn’t be easier to set up.

As explained on the AS Roma website, “When Alesssandro Florenzi scored on his comeback after 10 months out injured, no one celebrated his return more than Roma fan Theoren Abate.

“For 298 days – the entire time Florenzi was missing from the first team – the 26-year-old Giallorosssi fan from Toronto took it upon himself to post a new tweet about Florenzi, counting down the days until he returned.

“Without fail, each day Theoren – who goes by the username Florenzi’s Hair on Twitter – posted a tweet about his hero – trying to keep the Italian international’s spirits up while he made the long and arduous return from not one but two cruciate ligament injuries.

“His dedication to the cause was rewarded not just by Florenzi scoring the opening goal for Roma on his return – but by the player actually recording a video message to say thanks for the support.

“Immediately after the game, Florenzi sent a video thanking Theoren personally for his 298-day Twitter thread and all the fans who’ve supported him while he was out.”

“It was absolutely incredible and beyond anything I could have imagined,” Theoren told about the message. “Gestures like this make fans like me feel connected in a way we never could before. This is truly something that is once in a lifetime thing and I’ll never forget it.

You can read the full article and reaction here

Again, we’re huge fans of Paul and the AS Roma digital team for setting high bars, occasionally with low brows! We love their work as an inspiration to many that football, while a lifelong passion, doesn’t always have to take itself as serious as it does. Bravo!

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