As #FAS17, the Fanalyse Activation Summit at Anfield draws closer, here are details of each of the four distinct discussion tracks set to be covered on Thursday 9 November in Liverpool.

The feature packed day, like all Fanalyse events has been designed specifically for senior, proactive sports and venue industry professionals; those with a desire to constantly improve all aspects of fan business within their respective organisations.

Check back very soon for the first of our confirmed keynote speakers and distinguished panellists set to take the stage to share inspiration in an informal, hassle free environment.

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Commercial Activation

Reactive advertising and one dimensional partnerships are now far less desirable by both sporting organisations and brands alike, as those models provide little value and ROI in the short, medium and long term in the marketplace. Commercial relationships are often burned between both parties as a result.

Instead, proactive, creative partnerships provide equitable value for all concerned via authentic activation mechanisms that resonate across multiple channels. Partners want to be able to access fans and create tangible relationships through innovative campaigns.

#FAS17 will look at some of the most successful sporting partnerships and how these relationships go from strength to strength by means of modern day activation. If you are involved in the commercial aspects of any club, venue or sports organisation, then this section is a must.

Digital Activation

We are forever being told that digital is the way forward in sports communications, as we try to become more accessible in how fans engage with us. There’s no doubt that fans today have more contact with sporting organisations than ever. The thirst for information and engagement is at fever pitch.

The challenge is how we not only satisfy this demand, but also excel in a way that will create intimate, authentic relationships and personal experiences. Blind loyalty is one thing, but the opportunity to success lies in holding real conversations and sharing emotions, all delivered through one to one experiences that build bonds, with affinity at the core.

#FAS17 will present some of the top industry thought leaders in this area, sharing their expertise in building digital footprint results.

Brand & Marketing Activation

We’ve been singing the virtues of brand authenticity since day one here at Fanalyse, namely the need for sports organisations to be representative of the locality, building stories based on historical values with a structured and realistic vision.

Each story is unique and the way in which it is built defines us. Warts and all, it’s who we are. It’s our DNA. The ability to create authentic, resonating stories is key, but once you have that narrative, how do you then take it to your market, earning the buy-in from all concerned?

Our Brand & Marketing track will investigate stories from leading sports brands, highlighting the tips and tricks they use to drive togetherness and create the need to be a part of something desirable that all stakeholders can be proud of.

Venue & Event Activation

Having formed effective partnerships, created the perfect brand story and delivered both aspects via immersive digital channels, all too often the final piece of the jigsaw is overlooked. Come event day, how do you ensure that all the hard work that has been put in delivers on all fronts? How do you ensure you provide an experience that isn’t so reliant on result?

Fanalyse works with venue based experts who have created some of the best fan experiences and then activated this through innovative strategies, technology and culture, ensuring fans regale their experiences to the wider world via advocacy and retention.

Compelling events delivered on a consistent basis, segmented by multiple demographics and groups can maximise revenues, ensure fans come back time and again. #FAS17 will feature innovative practitioners who, while sharing great stories can also highlight the mistakes and learnings that have built their world class product.

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