We’re interested to see how clubs follow Real Madrid’s lead across Facebook, as the Champions League winners recently debuted with an eight episode behind the scenes feature series.

Regular leading example Everton are already keeping tabs, of course. I was unsurprised to see the Toffees’ Social Media Manager Adam Hulme react positively, and with good reason.

Each episode of HALA MADRID runs approximately ten minutes in length, ideal for mobile consumption, and has been designed to offer fans exclusive, intimate footage of the players, coaches, facilities and fans. For added star power, British actor Orlando Bloom has been drafted in for narration duties.

The first two episodes are now live and are well worth a look. Beyond the scope of regular “in-house” club TV footage, the groundbreaking aspect of HALA MADRID is via partnership activation, namely GoPro, using a mix of conventional footage alongside wearable cameras and drone use to add extreme intimacy.

To prevent any sensitivity concerns, the series shot last last year, and according to Real Madrid, “viewers will get a 360-degree view of the organization, including closer looks at its storied history, pristine training facilities, star power on the pitch and loyal fan base across the globe.”

Global fans can view the episodes on the Hala Madrid page, though in the US, new Facebook video platform WATCH is being used as a means to take on the likes of YouTube. Following episodes will be available to view on Saturdays from Sept 9.

Speaking of the launch, Rafael de los Santos, Global Digital Director for Real Madrid said, “With this new show on Watch, our passionate community of Real Madrid fans on Facebook will have an opportunity to view something very special. We believe this series will not only resonate with these Real Madrid fans, but will also be interesting to the millions of people around the world who consume content on Facebook.”

Watching the first show, focused on the club training centre, you can’t help but be impressed. The second then features the city and its fans, giving a real sense of Madrid culture. We’ll be tuning in for the following six shows, guaranteed.

Though Madrid aren’t the first to make use of GoPro [or other brand] first team based video footage, the show will no doubt result in a spike of use from others. That’s fine with us.

It often takes something like this to get the, shall we say, slightly more stubborn players to accept technology and media advances. If it’s good enough for Ramos…

Is this format on your radar? Let us know, we’d be keen to feature and follow.

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