Whatever your view on the merits of professional sport, it’s impossible to deny the power it has to bring people together and promote culture positive messages.

We’ve covered a number of campaigns in recent times, with the latest cross code,multi-sport example on our radar being the #RainbowLaces initiative. THIS is true fan engagement in our view, using the popular power of a community activity to celebrate equality. Sport has this ability, one other forms of entertainment struggle to match.

For those yet to get up to speed, the #RainbowLaces campaign is the brainchild of Stonewall, the LGBT equality charity who’s slogan is rightly, “Acceptance without exception”.

We’re currently in the throes of Rainbow Laces Week, running between 24 November to 3 December, where national teams, leading clubs, top athletes, fans and grassroots players from across sport show their support for LGBT people in sport by donning rainbow colour laces or arm bands.

Put simple it’s a visible act of solidarity, with the likes of the Premier League and many more as partners. It’s great to see that momentum is definitely on the rise.

Last weekend was the first chance for a variety of sports, teams and influencers to get active, with social media the perfect platform to broadcast their support. We were particularly impressed with Fanalyse local boys the Cardiff Devils, who took the campaign one step further by donning and auctioning special shirts.

Below are a few more inspirational examples we’ve spotted, with many more to follow we’re sure.

At a time of rising global divisive tensions, campaigns such as this really do give you faith that there’s a lot to fight for, together. Congratulations to all concerned. Keep up the great work.

More on the campaign can be found HERE

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