A quick open question to start the week: What do you see as the average shelf life of the next, great big, awesome thing in communications marketing these days? Is it getting shorter in line with ever decreasing consumption attention spans?

I ask based on my own internal research and experiences, backed by countless adverts and advertorials on Twitter, LinkedIn and email, all guiding me and pushing fear of loss buttons to a multitude of tips on conquering the next mountain on the horizon.

Do I click/tap or risk missing out on the ‘five must do things’? How do we keep up or cut through the noise these days?

For example, I’ve been particularly interested in how video continues to grow as the preferred delivery mechanism, in particular on LinkedIn now native clips are possible.

Cards on the table, it’s a tactic we’re running with quite strongly here ourselves, enjoying the results and feedback to date. But when does a trend, fad or breakthrough shift from being cool and new to over saturated and annoying?

Or is it simply a case of the next shiny object or game changing app diverting our collective gaze, backed with a whole new batch of ‘must do’ tutorials to read up on. The proof is in the numbers I guess, indicating when it’s time to move on. What are your views?

Technology improvements continually open us to new opportunities, but that’s not to say we have to keep doing everything on offer for the long haul. If that were the case LinkedIn and Twitter would still be crammed with QR codes, Bluetooth messages would be flying in across locations and we would all be checked in on Foursquare, before running out to catch Pokémon during lunch.

I’d be really interested to know the trends and technology crazes you’ve enjoyed or been frustrated with, for the long and short term. Are there some in particular that you stick with, even though the rest of us have moved on?

We’ll be discussing digital strategies and trends in depth at Anfield on Thursday 9 November, forming part of an amazing fan business day in Liverpool where sports industry networking, opinions and more will be on the table, covering activation in commercial, venue, events, brand and marketing.

Fanalyse Activation Summit

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