I’m fortunate enough to know the two owner/directors of Tiny Welsh Media, a video production company in Cardiff. From first hand experience it’s easy for me to say that you’d have to go a long way to meet two nicer, ego free people within sport.

Add to that, the quality of their digital output is outstanding, resulting in and evidenced via their long term partnership with the Football Association of Wales.

Combine the two elements and you get magic moments, such as the one below during the Welsh team’s preparation for a World Cup qualifier.

Rather than me waffling on, take a look at this clip, both in it’s entirety to see their work, and more specifically from the 3:00 mark. The young boy named Curtis of Follow your Dreams; well, his face and reaction says it all…

It’s a heart-warming video that, while showing the qualities of Nathan and Holly at Tiny Welsh Media, also shows how grounded the FAW players are, in particular the selfless acts of star man Gareth Bale.

As we’ve said a thousand times, you can’t under-estimate the power of sport and what it means to so many. Working within a club or association, seeing it all 24/7, you can easily forget what it means to others. I think this video says a lot about that.

Credit also needs to be put towards the FAW set-up, of most note Chris Coleman. Some managers can be a tad abrasive to the idea of the “public”, but Coleman continually outlines his roots by action. He’s a man of the people.

Finally, so much could be said about the great work being done by charity, Follow Your Dreams, a national charity operating in England and Wales that inspires children and young people with learning disabilities.

For more info and to donate or help spread the word, visit

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